26 OCTOBER 2012
Angie Abbink selected for Dutch-Turkish collaboration workshop
Angie Abbink was one of the eight Dutch parties selected to take part in the BNA/Dutch DFA Dutch-Turkish matchmaking program in Istanbul.
18 JULY 2012
Angie Abbink joins Mahalle thinktank for Urban Regeneration in Istanbul
Angie Abbink and 3plus1 partners join forces with ABOUTBLANK in Istabul to work on creative design and strategic solutions for two neighbourhoods in Kartal and Bayrampa┼ča.
9 JULY 2012
48.000 hidden hexagons revealed
´╗┐The secret of Damast : Between The Sheets A hidden house in Amsterdam steps into the limelight
8 OCTOBER 2011
Meerwijk nominated for a new prize
Urban renewal project nominated for high quality in urban intervention and revitalisation of the neighbourhood.