Enthousiastic new tenants receive key to The Tree

The Tree was officially handed over to the new tenants who will be moving in as of August 2013 when this shelter for homeless families has been furnished. The families who will be living in here were shown their new appartments after a festive handing-over-the-key ceremony. The care institution RIBW, the client Ymere and the builder Thunissen were as enthousiastic about the building and the sheltered garden as the parents and their children. Architect Angie Abbink talked to both young and old to hear their intial reaction to their new home: ‘It’s so light!’ ‘ I love the windows and the view’ ‘ Oh to be cooking on 4 hotplates again instead of 2!’ ‘ I can see myself on the veranda with the other mums watching the kids play’  ‘I’m so happy my older children will be able to visit us here and have their own room’ ‘ I can’t wait to play in the garden’ ‘My girls can finally bring friends over to play.’
Abbink X Co will be going back with the photographer in August to see them settled in their new homes and to find out more about their life in The Tree.