Near the Dam Square in Amsterdam you will find Keizer, a project that combines new and old. The dismantling of buildings that could not be saved has commenced as of 2015. The restoration and building activities are planned for 2016. Colleague Vincent Smulders has made an extensive restoration plan for the many cultural heritage buildings on the site. The buildings that cannot be restored will be replaced by new buildings, designed by Angie Abbink and Micha de Haas. The entire plan encompasses 69 apartments, of which 42 new, and 27 renovated, a parking garage and 2.200m2 commercial space, of which 40% will be dedicated to creative spaces such as ateliers and Artmall.

The new mixed-use plan adapts to the historical structure of the Unesco heritage city centre site and simultaneously introduces new collective courtyards and alleys, carefully integrated into the existing fabric. The contrast between the formal, stately houses along the streets and the informal backyards results in a typical Amsterdam inner city residential environment: complete peace and tranquillity just steps away from the busy city. A formal rhythm of high windows is applied along the main street in carefully detailed brickwork façades, inspired by the existing historical buildings. Special attention is paid to the expression of the façades at ground floor level. The alleys share a more industrial approach by using horizontal window bands, stack elements and long masonry surfaces. The raised courtyards have a light informal character. The interplay between the restored monumental buildings, the fresh new buildings and the new semi-public urban spaces will give new impetus to this city neighbourhood where residential, business and creativity have always played a role in urban dynamics.

Construction and sales for this project have commenced as of 2016.