48.000 hidden hexagons revealed

Lodewijk Asscher (Amsterdam City Coucil) & Sylvia Dornseiffer (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) will reveal ‘Between the sheets: Damast’ to the public on july 5th 2012 at in the official closing ceremony of the Blaauwlakenblok project. This large-scale restoration project in the heart of Old Amsterdam officially started 12 years ago by the existing creative community in collaboration with the city and housing corporation De Key. Old alleyways were opened up again as the medieval urban structure was restored, together with many cultural heritage buildings. In the centre of these secret alleyways a new gem is squeezed between the Blue Sheet alley and the Black sheet alley. It is a veiled house covered with a spectacular artwork which was conceived as the final statement in an urban restoration project which lasted almost 20 years. Architect Angie Abbink worked together with Studio Chris Kabel who were commissioned to express and materialize the veil. More than 48.000 hexagons were hand-folded by the designer to create drapes of light and shadow referring to the medieval history of textiles that were made in this part of Amsterdam.Visit the webgallery for more photos   webgallery