The project site at Kavacik is situated at a stone’s throw from the city’s famous Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.  The plot has a unique and recent history: as it was originally a valley it escaped the 80’s conservative zoning laws that prohibited building on Bosphorus facing sites to preserve the natural beauty of the unbuilt landscape along the Bosphorus. While building the FSM bridge in the 80’s this valley was used as a dumping site for the earth that was excavated. Thus raised, the location was suddenly a Bosphorus-facing site without the usual restrictions. The fact that that this new situation would formally have been turned into a preserved natural site has been taken into account in this proposal. The green character of the surroundings is one of the main advantages of the location, as well as excellent accessibility and proximity to a lively neighbourhood while being situated at the end of a peaceful street. The second important urban factor that is taken into account is the proximity to the highway with regards to sound and pollution.
Abbink X Co made an sustainable alternative proposal with B+B for an existing plan by integrating landscape and architecture based on maximising the advantages of green roofs and green facades with regards to pollution, air quality, and blending into a natural environment. Water runs through filters to a natural pool eliminating the need for chemical treatment. The residential gardens make a tangible transition from designed landscape to natural landscape. The architecture is based on classic Bosporus architecture with the addition of special tactile screens that function as sunscreens and privacy screens while giving each building a unique identity.