My Seat

A floating surface on which to sit. The body rediscovers the functions of a chair. Back to basics, yet with a secret.

The design of “My Seat” follows Angie Abbink’s personal preference when it comes to being seated and takes the idea of a seat back to its origins. Sitting as an autonomous act that makes use of the whole body. A solid purple square surface floats above a silver sheet of aluminum as an abstract horizontal plane. The edges appear sharp and hard, a solid surface upon which to sit in the eastern fashion. But its latex skin is soft, sexy and tactile. The surface melts under human touch due the underlying ‘slowfoam’, offering a seat more in tune with our western idea of comfort.

The Zetel Foundation has commissioned artists, designers and architects since 2002 to contribute to the fascination and ongoing discussion about ‘the chair’ since Plato. My Seat has been exhibited on various occassions throughout the Netherlands since 2005.