The Rivierenwijk in Deventer was marked as one of the first 40 neighbourhoods in the Netherlands needing special attention with regards to social, physical and economic issues. An earlier plan was abandoned leaving the city and housing corporation with financial problems and social unrest. After years of stagnation the Deltaschool location was researched as the first step in an ambitious new plan to revitalise the neighbourhood. An urban strategy was devised within strict financial limitations for a sustainable new neighbourhood. The new plan takes the quality of the public domain and energy issues as the main elements for a sustainable future. The Deltaschool area becomes a pedestrian orientated environment with energy efficient and flexible social housing.

An important part of the research & design process was Camping X. The entire office took the initiative to set up camp on the main square for 3 days to talk to the community about their issues and ideas for the future of their living environment.