The Somoya, designed by Roland Stuij and Angie Abbink, is the result of combining the owner’s three favourite ships in one design; the bow of a Finnish fishing inspection vessel, the stern of a Dutch maritime tugboat and the elegance of a 1950’s passenger vessel from the Swiss lakes.

The main body of the ship runs from intimate bedrooms in the bow to the wide raised kitchen which opens out to the south facing stern. A busy family life, a limited budget and a large practical programme called for a simple, serene and robust design. The floors and steps are made of 80 year old untreated train wagon floor timber and trimmed with black steel. The outer walls are covered with stained timber, a classic for ships. The interior walls are treated in different ways, white varnish, gold or matte black magnetic paint depending on the desired spatial effect.

Along the starboard side of the living area is a long all encompassing inbuilt cupboard which turns from bookcase into workplace into play area into kitchen into general storage. On the port side the kitchen surface work area leads down into the living room where seating, resting, home entertainment, storage for wood and the fireplace are combined in one long element.

A stairwell between the two levels allows light to penetrate deep into the ship’s corridor. A simple steel covered staircase leads up to the bridge via the stairwell.

The 45m² bridge also has a separate entrance aft and is a self-contained unit which can be used as an office, a Bed & Boat or a granny flat. The atmosphere here is simple and classic using untreated Guariuba and white lacquered wood for most of the details. Both levels are also connected by the outer stairs on the rear deck making all kinds of combinations and functions possible in the glorious summer months.
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