Double Harvest

Double Harvest is the new extension for AT Osborne on their magnificent country estate in Baarn. The brief required a building that respects history but is in itself visionary and will enhance AT Osborne’s sustainable identity. The new 500m2 building is cleverly hidden beneath a new vegetable garden which will provide the company restaurant with local fresh products. Glasshouses and patios are incorporated into the vegetable garden which will bring light and air into the subterranean building. The horticultural patios simultaneously create spaces for exotic fruit & vegetables between which AT Osborne’s employees and guests can work and meet, bringing am entirely new working environment to AT Osborne’s rich palette of existing working atmospheres. The space is based on maximum flexibility so as to house workspaces, seminars, presentations and meetings at any given time. Even the landscaped exit to the forest can be used as an outdoor working arena. By using the heat of the ground and the concept of a healthy (work) garden the ideal working environment can be realized with a minimum of technical requirements. Double harvest for people & planet & profit!