De Baronie estate

The historical village of Abcoude, near Amsterdam is expanding it’s borders with a new mixed-use neighbourhood of 200 homes. The urban design (by La4Sale) for this new development is based on the principle of ‘village-building’, taking into account the sensitivities and characteristic structures of villages and farms in the historical Dutch landscape. The future Winkelbuurt neighbourhood is specifically designed as a new form of urban transition between village and countryside, with a strong focus on the blending of cultural heritage and innovative architecture.

The first phase of this village-extension is a modern ‘country estate’ designed by Abbink X Co in collaboration with BOOM landscape. Construction began in 2016. This BIM project will be sustainable and highly energy efficient. Angie Abbink was also selected for the team of 7 architects which will design a mix of the remaining houses of the Land van Winkel development in clusters over the next couple of years, including a tender for 60 social housing units.

De Baronie buildings completed in 2017. Landscaping to follow.