New country estate ‘De Baronie’ on sale soon

Meet our latest racy lacy lady surrounded by her cute and classy minions! Abbink X Co’s design for the new country estate De Baronie combines a classic countryside style with a contemporary twist in stylish surroundings. Situated on the edge of the historical village of Abcoude overlooking the protected Dutch landscape, both the gardens and buildings are inspired by a modern blend of upper-class country estates and humble farms. The keys of the crest of Abcoude have been incorporated in an abstract design for the lacy details, giving each unique building her own ‘couleure locale’. All the mod-cons of modern life in spacious homes on a new country estate in beautiful gardens – co-designed by BOOM landscape – only 15 minutes from Amsterdam – The De Baronie homes were developed by Jansen de Jong real estate development and will be on sale from May 21st 2015. Read more about De Baronie here. Or take a peek at the sales brochure here