Good things come in three…small packages

For the third time running this year Abbink X Co has been selected as the winner for a new project. This time we have been chosen from a group of 3 to design 3 new car lifts in the centre of Amsterdam. The car lifts will integrate architecture and art and will be situated between the two exits of the new Vijzelgracht metro station, which is to be the main station for the Rijksmuseum. A vast underground space between the street and the metrostation has been prepared for a fully automatic parking garage. The garage is exclusively for local permit holders thus creating more space for pedestrians in the public realm above. The lift houses will be integrated into the city’s Red Carpet project, which is transforming the entire stretch of public space from Central Station into The Pijp, focusing on the pedestrian experience of the inner city.
Abbink X Co’s design for the car lift houses will be developed in 2015 in collaboration with the locals and representatives of the small businesses that define this historical & dynamic neighborhood of Amsterdam, which is filled with sensitive cultural heritage.