Brand new canopy for Brandwacht & Meijer

Bring on the winter weather!
The brand new canopy that AxCO designed for Brandwacht & Meijer is ready for it.

Brandwacht & Meijer works for a wide variety of high-profile clients, making all kinds of decors, furniture, interiors, exhibitions and crazy objects which need to be transferred from the workplace to huge trucks for delivery. The mega-canopy, which is 270m2 and 6.5m high, caters to their fervent desire to have an large outdoor space to be able to load and unload their creations under cover.

The canopy was designed to fit into the existing configuration of robust industrial buildings. The light and elegant roof is fitted into a graphic frame, which emulates the size and proportions of the existing hall on the other side of the complex. The old hall and the canopy flank the central office area on either side, positioning it as the entrance and heart of operations. The void between the canopy and the neighbouring industry is clad with a gradient of stainless steel mesh. In the near future this will turn into a green flowering wall, emphasising the new indoor-outdoor space and adding to the local plant life, a rare phonomenon in this industrial area. The company also expanded their 2500m2 workshops by 700m2 with 2 purpose built halls which are 7.5m high and filled with daylight for a pleasant working environment.

Contractor Niftrik built the halls and the canopy in just a couple of months and finished in summer 2016 without disturbing the daily operations.