Mirror Mirror: a glamorous fairytale

A visit to MirrorMirror is like stepping into a fairytale to wash your hair or brush your teeth.

Abbink X Co and Karin Blom van Assendelft designed two new shower pavilions for Camping de Lievelinge on these creative & artistic camping grounds. The result is a magical mirage that plays with reflection, extraversion and recycling.

The pavilions tell the story of the crazy colourful character of the Lievelinge and the duality of ‘glamping’; getting close to nature, in style. Retreating and preening all rolled into one.
The new shower pavilions blend into their surroundings, reflecting the unique spirit of the Lievelinge in more ways than one, using mirrors and abstraction to echo the nature around them while simultaneously providing a playful backdrop for strutting and the ‘see and be seen’ scene. Starting the day at the bathroom sink or in the shower is a surprisingly joyful affair, surrounded by the old Lievelinge mirrors which are recycled in the bright fuschia and mandarine tones of the interiors. While the outdoor toilets provide a chill experience in cool hues of cobalt and lime. Families can shower together and even the little ones can find sinks, mirrors and toilets that cater to their height. The new unisex setup of the pavilions allowed for a much more open spatial experience than before while making it possible to remain within the old footprint and reuse the foundations of the previous shower buildings. Remnants of the old demolished buildings have been recycled in the dish-wash-islands close by, in which old and new come together under a gentle canopy in the open air. Similar to the way in which an old village well functions, this is the place where glampers bump into each other and check out the action as they catch up. At night, when Camping de Lievelinge fires up, the MirrorMirror pavilions light up from the inside, adding to the festive atmosphere of their magical surroundings.

Co-designer Karin Blom van Assendelft has turned now her attention to the surrounding plant borders which will reflect her artistry with colourful greenery as the glamping season unfolds.