Explosive growth in De Krijgsman

The former gunpowder factory grounds of KNSF are rapidly being transformed into De Krijgsman (The Warrior), a development of 1300 new homes set in a lush landscape of green and waterways behind the dike of the IJmeer. Abbink X Co has been working on a series of neighbourhoods since 2017, together with her colleagues Faro, M3H, Hoogeveen en Moke architects. Abbink X Co was specifically asked to design a series of classic and detailled ‘eye-catchers’ in various settings, such as chique canal houses, village homes, big barns and fort guard dwellings which are now in the process of being built. Inspired by the rich heritage and legends of the surroundings Angie Abbink added her signature layer of ‘tales’ to her architecture. Mermaids, ammunition boxes, art-deco elegance and Forbidden Circle markings bring history, ‘soul’ and identity to these new neighbourhoods thus creating new stories for the future.

Abbink X Co is also currently working in De Krijgsman designing a series of modern patio homes and classic-industrial canal villa’s, as well as an ‘industromantic’ apartment complex in collaboration with Faro architects called De KruitWachters (‘The Gunpowder Guards’)
More to follow soon!