2020 Update

A whole year has passed since our last post…! But not because there was nothing to do, to the contrary…AXCO is happily continuing work on a variety of housing designs for KNSF in the Krijgsman in Muiden, researched densification strategies for housing cooperation Rochdale in Amsterdam, completed her housing projects in Abcoude, is advising the City of Amsterdam for the tender of our Lifthuisjes, was involved in a social green project in the east of the city, will be part of an exhibition about ‘The Ornament’, is designing two exclusive projects for private clients AND has recently moved into an inspirational cultural heritage building from 1652!
From this glorious Alice-in-Wonderland-setting and in the new One-and-a-half-meter-Zen-Mode AXCO will be taking some time out between the busy moments to contemplate our next adventurous steps….
The old sign above our door reads: (loosely translated)
Unity makes small affairs bloom, to grow in strength and well-being soon
The depicted swan carries nine golden arrows together, signifying the unity of the surrounding close-knit communities of Waterland. Like we said, in these times, nothing less than inspirational!