Precious Metals in Muiden

Gold, Copper, Osmium and Iridium; the names & inspiration for our four unique lakeside villas in Muiden. Abbink X Co designed 4 of 20 freestanding villa’s in the most exclusive setting in the ongoing ‘De Krijgsman‘ development. Each villa shares a spectacular view over the Ijmeer, something Abbink X Co made sure would be highlighted and ultra visible for residents on a daily basis while living and moving through the villa. The huge live-in kitchen leads out onto a covered porch on the waterside. The bridge we designed specifically for each Precious Metal villa, leads to an extensive garden at the foot of the dike, complete with tiny designer houses that match the main residence. Our open plans are flexible and will be fine-tuned in collaboration with the new owners. We have SO much more to tell about these villa’s, and will do so soon, but in the meantime we HAD to share the latest artist’s impressions!