AXCO & FARO collaborate on The GunpowderGuards

‘De Kruitwachters’ – meaning ‘The GunpowderGuards’ – showcase a new development along the Muiden barge canal of 18 private homes arranged around a communal courtyard with on-site parking. AXCO & FARO, originally commissioned to work on separate blocks, combined forces to design what we call an ‘industromantic’ bastion; merging the medieval history of the castle town of Muiden with late 19th-century water-industrial related architecture. Solid & strong blended with light & airy, resulting in a quirky yet familiar pairing, a mix of rich brick details with timber & profiled cladding.

Situated on former gunpowder factory grounds, this specific location was the scene of a huge explosion in which three local labourers tragically lost their lives in 1947. 75 years later, we have commemorated their names above the main courtyard entrance in the artwork designed by Riva Stuij. Thereby bringing past & present together in the architecture with a tale to tell.

The houses along the canal are designed with a south-facing ‘sun-room’ on the first floor which looks out over the water and allows light to penetrate deep into the home via the open stairwell. The nature-inclusive design for ‘De Kruitwachters’ incorporates integrated nesting boxes in the architecture and the green courtyard will be landscaped with specific vegetation to stimulate native biodiversity.

As of summer 2022 De Kruitwachters are complete and new images will follow once the new owners have settled in.