People X Co

Angie Abbink
Following an education in Brussels, Beiruit & London Angie Abbink settled in Amsterdam where she completed her studies at the Rietveld Art Academy and the Academy of Architecture. After winning the 2001 Archiprix and being nominated for the RIBA Presidents Medals she established her first architectural practice in 2002 in Amsterdam. She has experience in the field of architecture, art, interior and urbanism since 1989 and has worked in New Zealand, Belgium, Turkey, England and the Netherlands. She has taught at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and lectures abroad.
Dyan Teepe
Dyan Teepe (1989) joined the Abbink X Co team in 2013. Dyan is an experienced hands-on engineer and designer whose skills range from wielding carpenters tools to detailed designing with Revit. Dyan finished his Architectural Engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam in 2014 and is now working full time for Abbink X Co.
Steven de Greef
Steven de Greef (1966) has worked extensively on several projects with Abbink X Co since 2009. He is an experienced engineer from the design to realisation phase in new projects as well as renovation projects and is specialised in high-level detailing. Steven graduated from the University of Applied Science in 1993 and studied at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.
Jeanette Amby
Jeanette Amby (1990) joined the Abbink X Co team from 2013 to 2014 following her studies at the Aarhus School of Architecture and experience in Denmark, Spain and Canada. She has a fascination for spatial intelligence and brought this to our daily experimental practise along with all her other talents in the field of art and architecture.
Roland Stuij
Angie Abbink has worked closely with Roland Stuij since 1993. Roland combines his 3D & BIM expertise with ship design, architectural visualisation, 3D research and teaching. He has worked for OMA, including research at the ZKM Karlsruhe, and taught for many years at the Academy for Architecture in Amsterdam and the HGB Leipzig. He now teaches at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and works with Abbink X Co on a regular basis.
Yu Tian
Angie Abbink has worked with Yu Tian for 2 years on various architectural projects and initiatives. Yu is based in Amsterdam as an independant architect following a BA architectural studies in Xi'an and an MA at Delft, She combines a close collaboration with Abbink X Co on a regular basis for international and local projects whiles studying Landscape architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam .
Simon Snoek
Since 2008 Angie Abbink has collaborated with PBT, a leading, independent engineering company in structural design. Simon Snoek is a partner at Pieters Bouwtechniek, was educated at the Amsterdam University for Applied Sciences and is working with Abbink X Co on housing, art and interior projects as constructional engineer.
Boom Landscape
Angie Abbink has worked with Jan Maas & Philomene van Vliet of Boom! landscape on several projects in Istanbul, Denmark and the Netherlands . Both Philo and Jan are highly talented and passionate designers of public spaces and landscapes with a knack for thinking outside the box and creative solutions. Both of them also teach at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and Delft University.